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  1. Cool and Smooth Feeling Lasting Bath Goods

    Many cosmetics and bath goods with a cool feeling are released when it comes to summer."Bub Sokai Shower” by Kao is …

  2. JAP Kobo

    “JAP Kobo” is a brand which sells leather products…

  3. Liquor-Making On The Roof

    A liquor company in Ginza, Tokyo is growing rice a…

  4. Spring is Sakura Season

    When spring comes, a variety of cherry blossoms op…

  5. Kyoto Dento Koge Daigakuko (TASK)

    There is a school called "Kyoto Dento Koge Daigaku…

  6. My Concern about The Tokyo Olympics

  7. Pikachu Outbreak!

  8. The Reason Why Japanese Choose iPhone

  9. Scary Image of Cluster Amaryllis

  10. Hayashi Seiichi Bijin Gasyu

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Boy’s Festival

May 5th is Children's Day and also Boy's Festival.…

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