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Ekiben “Kani Meshi Bento”

Crab is a special product in Tottori prefecture, San-in region of Japan. Bentos (Lunch boxes) such as “Kani Zushi (Crab Sushi)” and “Kani Meshi” (Crab Rice)” using a lot of crab meat, are sold at Tottori Station.
The container of “Kani Meshi (Crab Rice)” is cute anyways. It is shaped like a red crab. The rice is Takikomi-Gohan (Japanese style paella) with crab innards, and a lot of crab meat are on the top. Since these crab meat are removed from shells, you can enjoy to eat them without getting your hands dirty. This Ekiben is recommended to the people who like crab. The material of the container is eco-friendly and return to nature after used.



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