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  1. Genetic Test Kit By DHC

    "DHC" is a company that produces items related to health and beauty.They sell a lot of supplements and cosmetics, et…

  2. Naritasanfudoson

    "Naritasanfudoson" in Osaka is a shrine where vari…

  3. Japanese Drum Class

    "Japanese drum" performance at Japanese festivals …

  4. Manner of Mouth-Mask

    It is a natural sight that there are people who go…

  5. Shusaku Endo “Silence”

    Since the film "Silence" directed by Martin Scorse…

  6. Toshiya on Adult Day

  7. Shocking Advertisement On The Train

  8. Ehomaki on Setsubun

  9. Great Buddha Chocolate

  10. Recent Valentaine’s Day

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Boy’s Festival

May 5th is Children's Day and also Boy's Festival.…

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