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  1. Autumn Leave Attractions Rankings for 2016

    "Zenrinji Eikan-do" of Kyoto is now in first place for "Autumn leave attractions rankings for 2016" by the Japanese edit…

  2. Decommission of Monju Fast-Breeder Reactor?

    In Japan, there was a big accident in a nuclear po…

  3. Selected Water of Japan

    Since water is rich and the water supply and sewer…

  4. A Dog Was In The Police Car

    A melancholy image of a dog that was put in the ba…

  5. Easy Map Symbols

    Foreigners who come to Japan for tourism and work …

  6. Tezuka Osamu Manga Exhibition

  7. Licca-Chan Doll

  8. “Silence” by Shusaku Endo Cinematized

  9. Popularity Poll of Studio Ghibli

  10. Prince Hisahito of Akishino Has Cultivated Rice

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