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  1. An Exhibition of Studio Ghibli

    An exhibition of Studio Ghibli is being held in Saga Prefecture.An animator, Mr. Yoshifumi Kondo who died at the age…

  2. About Side Job Prohibition in Japan

    It is forbidden by law for civil servant to have s…

  3. Paper Schedule Book

    The Japanese smart phone ownership rate has been i…

  4. A Specialty Dish in Sendai “Beef Tongue”

    "Beef tongue" is a specialty in Sendai city.Th…

  5. Okonomiyaki “Chibo”

    "Chibo" is an Okonomiyaki shop that is headquarter…

  6. A Public Bath with Many Parakeets

  7. Shabondama Soap

  8. New Technology by NISSAN

  9. Downsized Nintendo NES

  10. Stuffed Animal Hospital

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Boy’s Festival

May 5th is Children's Day and also Boy's Festival.…

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