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  1. Yuzuyu On The Winter Solstice

    The "Winter solstice" is the day with the shortest daytime in the year.The winter solstice in 2016 was on December 2…

  2. Anime “Yuri on Ice”

    An Anime broadcast on TV called "Yuri on ICE" is v…

  3. Exhibition Ukiyo-e Masterpieces of SHINJÔ Collection

    The Ukiyo-e exhibition has been held at the Shiman…

  4. Bonito Flakes

    Japanese cuisine uses "bouillon".It's from fis…

  5. Comedian Pikotaro

    A comedian named Pikotaro has become a worldwide c…

  6. Manhole Lovers

  7. Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Girl

  8. Low-Calorie Konjak

  9. Drift Ice In Hokkaido

  10. Stay-Over Book Store

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Boy’s Festival

May 5th is Children's Day and also Boy's Festival.…

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