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  1. HONDA is back to F1

    HONDA decided to return to compete in the Formula one car racing this year again as the president of HONDA said.“F1, t…

  2. Men Making Soba Noodles

    Making soba is called "Sobauchi" and is becoming p…

  3. Cat-faced marshmallow “Nyashjmaro”

    A cat-faced marshmallow called “Nyashumaro” is bei…

  4. Kongo Rikishi Statues Figure

    Many temples in Japan have “Kongo Rikishi Statues”…

  5. Cat Festival in Nerima-ku, Tokyo

    A “Cat Cafe” is very popular in Japan, and to many…

  6. Cute Stomach Wamer

  7. Japanese people don’t mind lines

  8. Powdered Green Tea Chocolate

  9. Culture of Cherry Blossom

  10. Kangaroo give a massage to capybara

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Boy’s Festival

May 5th is Children's Day and also Boy's Festival.…

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