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  1. Hanayuishi “TAKAYA”

    Hanayuishi “TAKAYA” is an artist who models hair with flowers by tying flowers and people together.He has started his …

  2. Rock Garden at Ryoan-Ji

    “Ryoan-Ji” is located in Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto, and is f…

  3. Dorayaki

    “Dorayaki” is a Japanese popular sweet which is wr…

  4. Dagashiya (Cheap Sweets Shop)

    “Dagashiya” is a paradise-like shop for children i…

  5. Starbucks “SAKURA Series”

    At Japanese Starbucks, “SAKURA Series” (Cherry Blo…

  6. Training at the zoo

  7. Use Like This as Hair Tie

  8. Instant soup made from ginger

  9. Japanese Rice Cooker

  10. Sazae-San Syndrome on Sunday night

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