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  1. Akita Dog for President Putin

    Japanese government presented "Yume" the Akita dog to Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2013.It was sent to show a…

  2. Cat Printed Toilet Paper

    Hayashi Seishi Co.,Ltd. has sold a number of uniqu…

  3. Unique Apparel Brand “CUNE”

    A quite unusual apparel brand called "CUNE" has be…

  4. Pokemon GO Problem

    The Smartphone game "Pokemon GO" has been a big hi…

  5. Drug for Stomatitis

    A tablet called "Chocola BB" is a drug with B vita…

  6. Popular Rice Bread

  7. Nyanko Parfait

  8. Overtime Work in Japan

  9. Appearance of Menu for Shiseido Parlour on JAL

  10. Live-Action Film “Death Note” in Hollywood

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Boy’s Festival

May 5th is Children's Day and also Boy's Festival.…

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